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Vol. 15, issue 2  (Aug. 2011)
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1 - Immunological aspects of cystic echinococcosis in ERBIL   PDF
1-9 Hadi M. A. Al-Sakee

2 - Effect of benfotiamine on hepatic tissue levels of free calcium, copper, iron and zinc during CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in rats   PDF
10-14 Tavga Ahmed Aziz

3 - Sociodemographic factors of schizophrenia in Basra   PDF
15-20 Akeel Ibrahim Saleh

4 - Obturation of internally prepared cavities (simulating internal resorption) with three different techniques   PDF
21-28 Media A. Saeed & Raid F. Salman

5 - Effects of simvastatin on lipid profile, atherogenic index and serum transaminases in hyperlipidemic patients   PDF
29-33 Showan D. Husain & Ari Aziz Salih

6 - Evaluation of testosterone hormone and zinc Levels among infertile males in Kirkuk province/ Iraq   PDF
34-39 Kamaran Y. Muhammadamin & Omeed O. Darweesh & Muhammad A. Alshawni

7 - Comparison between continuous and intermittent phototherapy in the management of neonatal jaundice   PDF
40-44 Muyesser Abdul-Kareem

8 - Bacteriological study of Hospital-acquired urinary tract infections in Erbil city   PDF
45-50 Aza Bahadeen Taha

9 - A comparison of high versus low intensity transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for chronic pain   PDF
51-56 Diyar Hussein Tahir

10 - Incidence of otitis media with effusion in children with adenoid hypertrophy   PDF
57-63 Farhad J. Khayat & Lana Sh. Dabbagh